Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolutions....To the little ones, it's the little things that count

I haven't posted any New Year's Resolutions...but will.
My first Resolution is to write some Resolutions.
I would laugh if that was funny.

I can be such a procrastinator.

I do well to switch the calendar in my kitchen to January.
(I won't admit that beautiful the whiteboard calendar /organizer from Pottery Barn that I desperately wanted and promised my husband I would "SO TOTALLY USE ALL THE TIME" still reads "September")

I do have goals for this coming year; I'm still processing them.
That could be code for I really am thinking seriously about them - or I've just procrastinated again.

Usually, in place of typical "New Year's Resolutions" I spend some time in November taking stock of where I'm at in life (sort of like life-spring-cleaning-in-the-fall) and try to get my act together.

Perhaps that's my way of giving myself a head start and not 'officially' feeling like a failure when I don't stick to my New Year List.

November has come and gone and I just didn't get around to it this year.
I did think about it a lot. (enter that procrastination thing again)

Anyhow, I'll share one of my goals I have processed....
I want to be more pro-active about making sure the things that are important to our kids happen.
That is, not just the things I think should be important to my kids.

I've noticed that it truly is the small things that make a difference and form an imprint in their memories.

I don't know why if it takes such little effort to please them, I don't spend more time doing those little things I know make them happy.

Like letting them stir the ingredients in when I'm making macaroni & cheese,

taking just one of them walk with me to the mailbox,

choosing one of them to stay up late and help me fold the laundry (that's one I should be jumping on!)

And the list goes on.

It's amazing how they are able to keep track of who did what last, and whose turn it is to do those little things.
They can tell you who went to 7-eleven with Daddy last,
whose turn it is to go scrapbooking with me,
who got to take a shower/bath in our bathroom last weekend....

I often see the record-keeping as annoying (it really is)
But I want to see it as a reminder that the little things really do count in their eyes.

My husband's time with the girls is more limited (with work and all)
But, because of that he tends to be more proactive with those little things that make a big difference, where I get into a daily rut.

So, this morning, as my husband takes our seven-year old to work with him (He's off today but had to go in for a few hours), I will try to find a couple of things that will be a big deal to our other two.
It may be painting nails or coloring in a coloring book. But it will be 30 minutes that will be worth hours to them.

And as part of my New Year's Resolutions that I hope to have on paper by February, I will make a note to put some thought each week into what I can do with each child to create some personalized memories for them.

At least I can count on them to keep track of whose turn it is!

Samantha and Daddy off to deliver pies to Daddy's employees on Thanksgiving Day 2008

Savannah and Daddy golfing on Thanksgiving Day this year


Kim said...

Can I borrow this to post on my blog, lol! I a definately a procrasinator and I couldn't have said it better myself. We spend a lot of time together but I don't spend a lot of time doing what my kids want me to do with them, that is my focus for this year is playing more.

PS- I read your post on wy you blog and we started blogging on the same day!

Sue from Oregon said...

I am a big time last minute Lizzie too. I learned during the years my babies were growing to take the time to enjoy the little things and not get caught up in the perfect house or the best meals(not a chance there LOL) It does make your life complete!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is awesome. I like to procrastinate too. I think that making time with the kids is so important...memories they will never forget.

Carin said...

oh what a great and inspirational post! You are so right about it being the little things for our kids. You're a great mom. I think I'm still on the lines of "my first resolution is to write some resolutions", I love that! That's exactly how I feel right now.

Alicia said...

I know what you mean! Sometimes it's easier to do things on my own because I don't want to slow down for someone else. But, it is those little things that they treasure and cherish!