Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday......

Yes, today is my birthday. I didn't have high hopes for today as my husband is away on business, but I was pleasantly surprised with a great day.
Last night my father-in-law and his fiance watched the girls for FIVE hours so I could have some time to myself. Typically when someone offers to give me a break, I spend the time grocery shopping, doing laundry or cleaning the house. Not this time! I enjoyed five leisurely hours just hanging out, reading and going to the movies. It was WONDERFUL!
Since the kids were up late last night, we slept in this morning (until 8!) and it was a good thing I woke up when I did because at 8:15 the doorbell rang and I had a delivery from my husband!

They are perfect!

The girls were so excited that today is a "holiday" and they had been hiding a card that Daddy left for me. They presented it to me with pride, pleased that they had been entrusted with such an important task.
I made my way to the coffee pot to whip up some gourmet coffee Maxwell House and just then the phone rang. It was like somehow Starbucks knew I was about to perform a sacrilege.

Starbucks was actually calling to say I had been missed and to wish me happy birthday. Just kidding, it was my sister-in-law, Jeanine, calling to wish me a happy day. But, how often does a person get a birthday call from Starbucks?
Needless to say, I ditched the Maxwell House and headed off for some real birthday coffee and a few precious minutes with my sister-in-law.

Throughout the day, I got calls from my brothers and all of my in-laws. My Dad is away this week as well, so my Mom took the girls and I to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.
I don't have sisters, but I have been blessed with the best sisters-in-law that I could ever dream of. (Maybe it's better this way; I didn't have to share my clothes in high school!) Leslie (my SNL in CA) sent me some scrapbook goodies for my 'stash' (isn't she the BEST?) and the happy day continued....

It is now almost bedtime and I just got a call from my Dad who is in San Salvador this week. Now my birthday is complete.
Well, it's as complete as it can be with my better half away. He'll be home before I know it and the celebration will continue!
Today made me stop and think about how very thankful I am for the family God has given me (through birth and through marriage) and as crazy as we can all be at times, I know I am truly blessed!

(If you want to listen, hit "pause" off to the right first!)


Leslie said...

I'm so glad I get to leave the first comment. You are a very special person! I'm so glad you were born. You have made my life easier, just to know that you are in my corner(your prayers for me and my loved ones are pretty cool,too). I hope the day you get to celebrate with Chuckie will be another wonderful day, you soooo deserve it! Happy Birthday, Kristin! I love you.

Wibeche og Rune said...

Happy birthday to you:)
I hope you get a wonderful day.

Beautiful flowers:)



TeresaW said...

Thanks for telling me how much you like my card, and then I pop over to see my SBS sister and I find congratulations are in order. It sounds like you had a truly wonderful day. I loved the bit about Starbucks - I'm a gal that screams out "let me have coffee and nobody gets hurt" in the morning so if I had a SIL in Starbucks we would be inseparable.

It is a shame that your DH was working but if ever you feel tired of him I'll gladly take him off your hands, for the roses alone! I asked mine to get me some flowers (just for no particular reason) and he came back with an electrical extension lead! LOL

No, I don't know why either, we didn't even need one. Hahahaha

Vicky said...

Happy Birthday a little late :) I am sorry to not have made it over sooner... but look how cute your blog is!! I loved your flowers!! And Starbucks too, I'd be over the moon!

The Emery's said...

Happy Birthday!!

Kaleena said...

Happy Birthday Kristen! Glad you had a great one! The roses are beautiful! And, love your new background.

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday to you, sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Wow...that sounds like a pretty great birthday! So cute that your kiddos were excited to give you a card that they had hidden...
And 5 hours to yourself! For me that would be like winning the lottery! Good for you taking the time to leisurely stuff...it's so hard to put ourselves first sometimes but we deserve it!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Alicia said...

Oh, Kristen...you are blessed!!!! What a great birthday you had!!!!!

Wibeche og Rune said...

I have awards for you:)


Destiney said...

Happy Birthday dear friend. My birthday book is already packed, so I nearly forgot it was your special day! I hope your celebration continues all month! Love you and miss you!


Sue from Oregon said...

Oh goodness,,,just catching up on my blogs and see I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday! soo....Happy Belated Birthday Girl!