Thursday, April 16, 2009

52 Week Challenge - 5/52

This is a wonderful challenge hosted by Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans. Moms spend an awful lot of time behind the camera. The idea of this challenge is for us to get on the OTHER side of the camera in at least one photo a week. Be sure to check out Carin's inventive shot this week...wish I had thought of that! I can't wait to check out everyone else's challenge photos!

When I see everyone's adorable Easter pictures, I am feeling a little sad. We had a great Sunday morning at church, had a quick lunch with my parents and then we were off to drop my husband at the airport...again! It was a busy day and I didn't pick up the camera once.

The good news is my husband will be home in a couple of hours; and I have pictures from LAST Easter! (which, by the way, feels like last WEEK)

I am sure this year's Easter photo would have looked just about the same.
The girls and I wore the same thing.
I know. We have been busy.
Yes, that's a fashion faux pas.
A few years ago I wouldn't have admitted to such a thing.
Or done such a thing.
I guess I'm growing!

Last year my mother-in-law visited us for Easter, so we were able to get this fun shot with my husband's parents. It was a happy day!


52 Weeks is a year long challenge for YOU to be in a picture once a week for 52 weeks. Moms are typically the ones behind the camera, this is OUR chance to get out in front and be in the pictures with our family.

So, get yourself in the picture every week for 52 Weeks. Be in a picture with one or more or your children and post your "family photo" on your blog every Thursday - don't forget to list your post on Mr. Linky on Carin's blog!


Sue from Oregon said...

Ahhh...I remember when my children were little like that and the girls where in their pretty Easter dresses! I loved sewing back then!They grow so fast...thanks for sharing pics of your wonderful family!

Leslie said...

We need a family picture, on Easter, together! Wait, I still haven't gotten our Christmas ones from Dad, bummer:( You're a beautiful family and I love you all very much!

Carin said...

Sorry hubby had to get going, I know just how hard that is with three little ones. Hopefully he is home now or very close! I really liked your pictures, I like the kids all dressed the same, it looks darling. Besides, pretty soon they won't let you do that anymore =) Great pictures!

The Emery's said...

Such a lovely family!
Love the purple dresses.

McCrakensx4 said...

Great family picture. I love the matching dresses! They are too cute. I dressed my boys alike too, not sure how much longer I am able to get away with that though!

Miti said...

There's nothing wrong with wearing the same Easter dresses, especially when y'all look so pretty in them. I hope you don't mind, but I tagged you on my blog today. Just wanted to get to know you a little better. Take care and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love how you dressed the girls alike. Beautiful family!

The J's said...

Beautiful pictures, and I have LOVED dressing my girls alike too! And, getting two years of good out of pretty clothes is great!!

Kim said...

O, how I remember the days of all the kids matching and mom having a dress match the girls. I loved it and now, well lets just say, the girls have such different taste that I will be lucky if I can get it the same color.

You have a beautiful family and I love the purple dresses.

Alicia said...

Oh, how pretty!!!! I love the picture! LOL, you could have just said they were from this year, and none of us would have never known..LOL!

Roxy said...

I just love seeing your family photos. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to have all of my kids home for Easter. DD seems to be the only one that understands what it means to me to be together as a family on Easter. And we too have had to run DH to the airport one Easter Sunday.