Thursday, April 9, 2009

The 'Not So Lazy' Days of Spring....

I see why summer has the 'lazy days', because spring is proving to be anything but lazy! I have somehow not blogged for three weeks! We have had a pretty full life here these days and I am thankful that my absence has been because we have been busy dealing with all of the things that God has blessed us with rather than dealing with family crises.
I have been thinking this week that the popularity of blogging has given those of us that 'partake' in it a view into the families of so many other people - people that we would not have the joy of knowing if we weren't stalking them online visiting their blogs to see what they are up to.
For me, at this stage in my life with our children being small and my having blocks of time where I feel like I could get stuck for weeks under a big mess in our house and no one would notice I was gone it is hard to find time to interact with other adults face to face, having a connection with others - even if over the internet - is a nice thing.
Well, I digress (again)...what I have really been thinking is that having this 'inside line' into others' lives has opened my eyes to how much God has truly blessed my family. (This is a lesson I have to learn over and over again since I tend to get self-centered over and over again). Don't get me wrong, we have had our share of difficulties, but so many are dealing with major financial struggles, lost jobs, extremely sick babies, their own illness or that of their spouse and other tragedies. Being a part of these things (even from afar) is an opportunity to pray for others, look for ways to encourage, and gives me a chance to look beyond the pity parties I can be prone to because I am so "overwhelmed" with life - a life that when I stop and take account of it, I see how truly blessed I am to have it!


Lori said...

Very nicely written! I would have to agree with you! I to am very blessed!

Destiney said...

My friend, you are blessed with beauty too! You look lovely in these photos! (Was this from the wedding?) I miss you tons, but I'm glad to hear you had a week with Chuck home!

I love you!

PS: Is that the adorable sweater that you got here? I LOVE that color on you!

Kristin said...

That is so funny - when I was posting this I thought, "Hey, that's the sweater I bought when Dest and I went shopping in Bellevue" You have a good memory! I would love to visit again soon - maybe next time the 4 of us can go to Bainbridge Island together ...I love you & miss you! {oh, yes, that was the wedding :)}