Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to another round of "Not Me! Monday" hosted by MckMama. I love participating in this weekly bit of craziness. More than that, I love reading about all the other things fellow Mommy bloggers "don't do"! Some of them are downright hilarious!

It has not been one month today that we packed up our family with 3 weeks' notice, and moved to Florida for a year. I do not spend waste time each day thinking about the areas of our house I left a mess because I just ran out of time to do it.

As a person who has always thrived on change and adventure I do not unexpectedly find myself having a much harder time adjusting to this move than I ever imagined.

I do not terribly miss my friends and family....especially since when I was in the same city with them we rarely found time to see each other as it was. Being busy and all.

Having spent a lot of time in Florida; I knew what I was in for on all counts...and I really do love it!
Yet, I do
not find myself completely.freaked.out by all of the Florida 'wildlife' just outside our door. (Don't get me wrong; I am that woman who actually does like's the other creepy crawlies that get to me....or the fact that there are SO MANY of them!)

My husband is not absolutely loving frequent "bug hunts" with our girls. My sweet little princesses do not go crazy wanting to catch every bug they see now.

I did not have to draw the line on this one...

It does not take everything within me to hide my repulsion and sometimes sheer panic, as I try to act like it's fun to bring these home to leave on the doorstep after dinner...

Or think it's okay that they actually want to pet them...

You can tell by the photo I couldn't even hold the camera still!

I do not beg my husband to let them go (down the street, of course) so that I don't have to do it later doing a silly dance to keep them from jumping on me, embarrassing
myself in front of our new neighbors.

I do not cringe at the thought of what else may be lurking in here!

I don't think it is all worth it...the missing loved ones...missing my house...unexpected adjustments...loneliness....and the 'wildlife', when I see moments like these because it really is great here....for all of us!

Happy Monday!


McCrakensx4 said...

It is hard to move away from family. alomst 5 years ago, we moved cross country from all of our friends and family. It gets easier year by year but still....And I am with you on the whole creepy crawly thing Y.U.C.K!! I would be doing the same dance! My post tomorrow is about an unwanted guest in my house and the blurry pic was bc I couldn't hold the camera still either!

E @ Scottsville said...

Awwwwww, what a great Not Me Monday post! I loved it. =0)

Those were some BIG OL' GRASSHOPPERS THOUGH! Wow! Hang in there. A year will go by faster than you know.


Five Moms & A Blog said...

Well, by the looks of it, you have lots of creepy crawleys out in Florida, too!!! =0)

Thanks for dropping by!


momstheword said...

oooooh, we love Mickey!!!! Tell him hi from us!

Oh, and we have boys and I cringed at all the bugs and reptiles and things they brought home....

momstheword said...

....btw, I just tried not to show it, lol!

cindy said...

wow those creepy crawlers were scary I would have died. It looks as though you all have settled right in and having an adventurous journey Praise God May He bless you all abundantly and multiply all your efforts.
God Bless Kristin and thanks for checking in on my blog.....

Sue from Oregon said...

ummm...bugs creep me out LOL!
I always look forward to your Not Me Mondays!

mel4christ said...

OMG what is that ginormous yellow thing???? I'm glad that you are loving Florida and adjusting well. I had been thinking of you and thought I would pop on in and asy hello. I love your pics and your blog is fantastic. I miss not blogging but God took me in another direction for this season, but it's always nice being able to see how everyone is doing. I thought I might be able to create this summer but it didn't turn out that way. Where will you go after your year in Orlando? I thought it was so piercing when you said it was hard to miss those who you rarely got to see. Such an eye opener, it's sad that we all get so busy that we can't make time for the ones we call friends and family, huh? Well, glad to see you are bloggin, being a mommy and an obedient wife. I pray God blesses you and the family while you are there. Hugs, Melanie

sad said...

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