Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Trip to Vegas

You won't find any glamorous pictures of nightlife, the Strip, etc. here.
We went home to work.
My husband keeps telling me that going to Vegas is not going "home" since we don't live there anymore; but I don't know when I will be able to make that switch both mentally and emotionally.
Don't get me wrong, I have wanted to move out of Vegas for AGES...
But still, when you spend 30 years in a place, know it like the back of your hand and have most of your monumental memories there (both good and bad), I think it will always be home in a way.

The one thing I do NOT miss about Vegas is the summertime heat.
Being in Florida where the heat and humidity of July leaves much to be desired, I began to think maybe the Vegas heat was not so bad (I suffer from "the grass is always greener syndrome")
But the first MORNING of this, reminded me that it REALLY IS that bad....

I did not have the camera with me the next afternoon when the temperature outside read 113!
If you ever hear someone say the heat in Vegas is not so bad because it is a "dry heat", don't believe them. It is dry inside my oven too; I don't want to hang out in there...

Anyways, my husband had business on the west coast, so we determined that now was as good a time as any for us all to go. The trip was multi-purpose; we had a funeral in CA to attend and MANY things to do around the house.
We did squeeze in a little bit of fun - but not too much.

While at "home", we had no internet service (which explains some of my blog absence) and three TV channels (one was in English!)
Ordinarily I would have welcomed the break from technology, but with many things to do (where the internet comes in handy) and children to entertain while we worked, we could have used some modern conveniences!
I could actually get my neighbor's internet signal if I stood on the bed and held the laptop in the air, but that wasn't too comfortable for blogging...for obvious reasons.

Coincidentally, we were able to make it to a class reunion where we got to visit with friends we hadn't seen in 20+ years. I had my camera, but can you believe I didn't use it? I know, bad me. Here is one picture of us that I swiped from Facebook though. I know it is tiny, but we are in there!

The majority of the time was spent organizing our things and doing some major purging. I have packrat tendencies (it's in my genes...really), but the older I get and the more tired I am of moving my junk things around, it is very liberating to start throwing things away.

I have learned I can take a picture of those things I want to remember and then toss, toss, toss!

I was able to say goodbye to the yard sign I had kept from our firstborn....

And Kylie's first sippy cup complete with teeth marks.

And SO MANY more things...It is amazing how much stuff you can throw away if you set your mind to it.
But, by the end of the first week in the garage with temperatures in the hundreds, I was ready to throw it all away so I could get back inside with the AC!
I know people don't want to see sippy cups and yard signs so I will be back once I have time to load some more interesting pictures.....


McCrakensx4 said...

I completely understand on both counts...the heat and the packrat thing! We moved to AZ 5 years ago and this July has been the hottest July on record...feel me melt!!! *sigh* and I still have boxes in my garage that I haven't unpacked since we moved here! Before we left I did to good though by having a yard sale and then donating everything I didn't sell to the American Cancer Society thrift shop! IT's hard to do...but good for you!

mel4christ said...

Love the idea of taking a picture then tossing!!! I must take that philosophy and run with it. Glad you got a chance to come back home and get some things done. God bless, you are quite the blogger, I love it.

Brian and Jeanine said...

I prefer the dry heat to the humidity, but I'd deal with either to get to see you!! Thanks for spending a little of your precious time with us - we enjoyed seeing you guys! Hopefully we make it your way soon...