Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Home Depot - Not Your Typical Scrapbook Store

I love Home Depot. I think it is the smell of lumber, paint, soil, drywall mud, etc. that takes me back to happy times in my childhood when I would go with my Dad (who is also a fan of the do-it-yourselfer's dream store.) My Dad can build or fix anything... really.

Today, what I love is that our daughters are beginning a friendship with Home Depot and going with their Daddy. They BEG to go with him. From toddlerhood each one would excitedly point out the big orange and white sign in the sky, "Look! Home Depot! Can we go?"

So, when my husband told me not to buy him anything for Father's Day, I was at a loss. (it was conveniently after he bought me really great Mother's Day gifts) So, I set out to make a scrapbook featuring him and the girls...with things I had on hand. I am a SLOW scrapper and did not have much time, so I looked for a kit. The only thing I had was an 9x9 kit I purchased a couple months ago from Melanie at Close to My Heart. The kit was pretty girly.... good thing my husband is used to all things girly, having 4 females in the house (5 counting the dog:) )
After raiding his workbench, I set out to Home Depot to find embellishments to take the girly edge off. What a great place for neat scrapbooking supplies...I will return for more. With extra time I could have added more manliness, but here's the finished product.

This kit came with an accordian album and everything you need to make something great. CTMH has many other fabulous kits - and some with perfect "boy colors" that I am already eyeing for next Father' s Day!

One of my husband's main criteria for a good scrapbook page :) is how many pictures I can get on one page, so I loaded's his book after all!

Front Cover

Page 1

Used tiny lock washers instead of eyelets or brads.

Page 2

Looped ribbon through washer (top left); also looped ribbon through ring hanger and attached lock washer and brad (bottom)

Page 3

Used larger lock washers running ribbon through and spacing circle-cut pictures (at left); Used small utility hinge to make tiny flip book attached to a metal plate thing :); Lift tabs on flip book are staples used for tacking down electrical wires (I think!)

Page 4

Used another ring hanger with ribbon looped through and attached a rhinestone to center (at top); Flip book made with small utility hinge and staples also.

Page 5

Used another metal plate thing and ran ribbon through washers.

Page 6

No hardware on this page, just a bunch of silly faces.

Back Cover

No embellishments to allow for lying flat.

Open Accordian (w/ Front & Back)

Open Accordian (w/ Inside)


mel4christ said...

You are so funny! I just read your first time blogger post and I cracked up. I totally know what you mean. I thought the same thing and now look at me. But, wow, the doors the Lord has opened have been amazing. The friendships etc are mind blowing. I love your album, great job and of course you can put me on your blog, thank you so much. It's been crazy this summer but I want to get the group back together, I'll be putting out an email soon. Love your blog, may the Lord bless you.


Anonymous said...

Incredible, Kristin, You really are talented in so many ways! The album is so great. I might just have to copy it! I miss you!
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Okay! Learning this techno thing. I loved the pix; it's almost like being there but not so warm and squiggly! What a great idea for Chuck's gift. You are the greatest! Leslie said it right "You really are talented in so many ways! The album is so great." See, I can cut and paste in your blog. Glad you had a great trip; I knew you would. Love to all, especially Chuck for his patience to take you everywhere! MD