Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Patriotic Journey

Well, we are back from our trip and deep into the craziness of life at our house! We spent 5 days in Washington D.C. – just the two of us! We actually returned very late on Monday night, but have been consumed with catching up with the kids, work, housework, laundry, celebrating the Fourth of July and church this weekend. My husband's mom came into town to keep the kids at home while we were gone, so we were able to spend a few days with her upon our return also.

A dear friend of ours (Kelly) was married last Saturday and it gave us the perfect opportunity to go to D.C. to attend the wedding, spend some time with our goddaughter, Alexis (Kelly’s daughter) and be tourists in our nation’s capitol. There were so many great things about our trip, it is hard to say what was the best part or what was the most meaningful…it seems that all of it was! We tried to fit as much as we could into 4 days of sightseeing. Without the kids we were able to be non-stop tourists from dawn til night!

In addition to our sightseeing, we drove a little bit south of D.C. to visit where my family lived 30 years ago. It is amazing not only how things have changed, but the difference in how childhood memories match up to what we see as adults. The HUGE hill I used to “fly” down as an eight year old on my first bike, was nothing more than a flat street with a very slight incline!

One of the highlights of our trip was definitely Kelly and Jason’s wedding. It was great to see old friends, meet Jason and get to know him a little over the weekend, witness how God has blessed them and be a part of the beginning of all that He has planned for their family. We are so excited for them!

We visited so many places rich with history and were continually reminded of the prominent role God played in the founding of our country. We are truly fortunate to live here. One of the things I enjoyed most at the various sites and memorials were the inscriptions, quotes and stories behind each location…..I found myself in awe over and over again. I hope to be able to share some of the great things we saw and learned……we’ll see how organized I can get!

The Capitol Building

Visiting the White House

At the Museum of Natural History with Triceratops

View from George Washington's House at Mt. Vernon

Lincoln Memorial The Capitol Building
"Washington" at the Washington Monument

"Washington" at the Lincoln Memorial

"Washington" at the White House

At the Wedding Reception

Looking up the VERY steep hill in our old neighborhood :)


brian said...

I'm glad you're back. Can't wait to see you guys. Looks like you had fun. Did I read it right that you went back to the old house?

Kristin said...

We did! I will email you the pictures & tell you all about it later. For now look at the last pic on this post - that street is Rye Drive before you turn on to Rock Court...recognize the BIG hill? :) We went to the house, the rec center, St. Peters, Waldorf Motel but ran out of time to go anywhere else. I'll call you again after you get everyone settled. Going now to see what you said on the house phone.....

pondering said...

You may not see this comment since it's on an older post, but I'm here visiting your blog like I said. I love your blog, and got excited when I saw pics of my hometown! This is where I grew up, DC.
I just went back to visit there last July and have pictures of the fam in front of that same triceratops! LOL
(Um... is that how you spell it?)

mel4christ said...

These pics are so awesome. What a great opportunity to see so many special places. You look so great too!!! It's so nice to have time alone with your hunny. What a blessing.