Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Time is VBS Time!

Wow, it has been a while since I have last posted. My thoughts of, "what on earth are we going to do with ALLLL this free time over the summer?" have been obliterated as each day seems so busy!

Our kids (2 out of 3) have been at Vacation Bible School this week. They are having the best time! There is so much work that goes into the event each summer - everyone does such a great job and all are blessed - kids and parents alike! Kylie is enjoying seeing her friends from school, along with her friends from her former Sunday School class (young and old alike!) She is also showing Savannah "the ropes". (This is Savannah's first Vacation Bible School at CCSV, and Kylie is making sure she is okay and knows what to do) It is so cute how protective Kylie has been of her "little sister" who is not much more than a year younger!

I have more to say (go figure), but that will have to wait until I can keep my eyes open better!

Kylie and Savannah on Day 1 of VBS

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pondering said...

Hi, I made it to your blog, yea!
I like it, like it, like it. You write well and thought provoking.
PS I put a comment further down on your vacation post.