Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Crop!

Friday and Saturday was the quarterly scrapbook weekend held at our church. As usual, it was amazing! It is so nice to get 'away', spend time with other women, meet new friends, visit with old friends, and be creative! It was 27 hours of food, fellowship, workshops, give-aways....and loads of FUN! I am so blessed that my wonderful husband was willing to make adjustments to his schedule so that I could be a part of it!

Savannah.....Daddy's Sunshine

Card from one of the workshops...cute!


pondering said...

Wow, you're talented! I saw your other scrapbook post too.
Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, as usual! I miss you, Kristin! I wish I could have gone with you to your scrapbook days. You are really creative and a very good writer. I love reading your posts. Lets talk soon. Love You! Les

mel4christ said...

This page is so cute. It was a good time wasn't it. The fellowship was sweet and the creativity was flowing. I must agree with the comments here. You are super talented and your writing is powerful. I'm glad you emailed me so I could bookmark your blog so I can visit!!