Thursday, October 16, 2008

No More Excuses-Let Yourself be Sharpened!

So, it seems that even I can run out of excuses. I'm not going to share my long list of them - but I have quite a few when it comes to exercising. The odd thing is, I like to exercise, but can find every excuse imaginable to not lift a finger, much less a weight....But, I like how I feel while I am exercising - I love how it feels when I'm done exercising, I like the energy I have when I'm active, I like to eat freely, I like fitting into my clothes, and I am quite frankly, a lot nicer when I've spent a few hours at the gym....and the list of positives goes on and on. I don't know why every few months I convince myself I don't need to do it.

I won't bore you with the many reasons why I have "exercise droughts" and how I justify them - but my most recent excuse has just been kicked out the window. Exercise Excuse #18: I like to stay up late. Oh, I enjoy a good sleep, but given the choice between going to bed early and staying up for hours after everyone has gone to bed, I will choose the latter more often than not. I've always been that way. I have even found friends that both have and support my habit.

Here's how Excuse #18 works: In order for me to workout, I would need to hit the gym very early in the morning before my husband goes to work. Why? you ask? It's too expensive to take all three kids during the day, I don't have the energy at night, the housework is looming, and so on. BUT, I can't go early in the morning because of my late night habit that I am not willing to give up.

Well, one of my friends has successfully ruined the excuse for me. Although she has been VERY supportive of my habit (I can usually find her awake way past the nightly news), she also gets up at 5 (yes that is A.M.) to go to the gym. I would like to say she is able to do this because she leads a life of leisure, but that would be lying as she homeschools 7 children and that is just one of her many daily achievements.

And so, this morning my alarm went off at 5, I got up at 6 (I'm not that swayed by peer pressure!), laced up my shoes and dragged myself to the gym. I couldn't stay long because my husband had to leave for work (good one, huh?) but I put in my two miles and headed home.....and I have felt better all day because of it.

Proverbs 27:17 says, "Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another." (NASB) I know this verse is often used when speaking of how we encourage one another spiritually, yet I think it also applies to setting an example with our lives as a whole. I believe God would have us live a life of discipline in all areas, caring for what He has entrusted us with (including our bodies). Yet, all for the purpose of serving Him and others...and I am better equipped to do so when I take care of my health. I believe when we are putting the Lord first, spending time with Him, He orders our schedules and helps us make time for things we should be doing. And without knowing it, God can even use us as iron to sharpen another.

Just so there is no confusion - my friend did not tell me I should exercise, or get up early or contemplate my lifestyle, etc. She just set a good example - as she does in so many other areas too. So, let us be reminded that even in the mundane events of daily life, there may be a lesson waiting for those around us, an opportunity for God to speak to others. I needed motivation, to be pushed past my excuses toward something I know is good for me. Through someone else's example, I was encouraged to take inventory of where I am, what things I am doing (or not doing) that benefit me and consequently my health and family... And take a step toward getting some much needed discipline back into my life. Yes, I am on day one - but you have to start (or re-start) somewhere! You never know....maybe I'll even try going to bed early too! (although it's not likely)


cindy said...

That is soooo awesome sis and I know what you mean it makes me have more than enough energy for the rest of my day it is amazing.
I am glad you were encouraged may God multiply your efforts.

In Him,

Leslie said...

That's so funny because I am the SAME way... Yeah, not good! I have though been wanting to get a workout buddy if you know of anyone, let me know. hint, hint... :) Call me and I will tell you more about that. I called you and left you a message earlier. Have a blessed night.

Saved by Grace said...


Thanks for sharing, it's good to know we are not alone on that issue. I think we all struggle in that area in some way or another. Well I guess really speaking for myself. Every morning I contemplate waking up and going to our exercise room and walking or working out. Usually it doesn't happen. But you know what you said about doing what the Lord wants us to do, being in His word and praying He will definetly guide our steps and our paths. I just can't wait to go to Heaven and receive that glorified body. WoooHooo!!!!

In His Love,

pondering said...

Well, look who's up late this time? ME!
It's been SO long since I said hi to you. I have tried to come look at your blog a few times but usually by the time I found time to sit at the computer to look it was too late to hold my eyes open. So I would log in, and then begin to fall asleep while trying to catch up on blogs.
I'm just like you in my love for exercise, and I agree, it energizes me and makes me so healthy and good stamina.
I need to get back to exercise too. Only, I have treadmill in my own home and still can't even get on the ball!
My problem isn't staying up late, since I obviously can sleep through any attempt to stay up late, but my problem is time! I get up early, get ready for work, run three kids to three different schools and then have to get to work asap before I'm late myself. Then I work all day, come home, stopping along the way for an errand or two, and begin cooking dinner. Serve dinner, help with homework, and sibling rivalry and before I know it, it's almost bedtime and the laundry hasn't even been started. Then it's like past 10pm and I'm still trying to figure out what happened to my day. Sigh... I have tried to get on my treadmill in the past, and was successful for a few months, but only to the detriment of all that other stuff. Then, when I give up and stop exercising I get more tired and start dragging. I need to find an answer to my excuse. Anyone got any ideas???