Friday, October 24, 2008

No Rest for the Weary

I have not been able to post as things have been soooo busy here - and that's an understatement! But, alas, I will get that break....I will be going to our quarterly crop for a weekend of scrapping fun (okay, half a weekend)- starting tomorrow.....I can't wait! I am SO not ready, I still have supplies to gather and photos to organize - but just to have a day and a half with friends and fun - I'm okay that it is 2am and I am not organized! And our girls are looking forward to having Daddy all to themselves!

I know I bragged about her before, but I just have to share our friend Andrea's latest creation. I asked her to make an initial plaque for my niece's 2nd birthday and how great is this?

You can see her other creations on her Etsy Shop - Sassy Signs by Andrea. I love it....Thanks Andrea!


joey said...

Hiya Kristin, sorry I havent popped over before now to thankyou for your input on my sons plant!, I didnt even think about "jajo" standing for the flowering months! duh!. It has one flower bud about to bloom so I shall see what it looks like then, I havent damaged it YET!lol. Your friend really does make the most stunning plaques the colour of this one is gorgeous your neice will adore it.have a great

Saved by Grace said...

Hi Kristin!!

I love your plaque soo very cute. What a great artist Andrea is. BTW your page layout was stunning. I loved it. Wish I would have been able to do it. But next time!!!!

God Bless you sister!!!

pondering said...

Oh and I forgot to say in my comments, thank you for tagging my blog a while back and wow, I guess I can't play that game very well! LOL I tried a couple times, but had the sleeping in front of the computer problem again (I mentioned that in the comments I put on your other post). BUT, it was nice to feel recognized anyway, so thank you. Ugg, I'm afraid I fail as a very creative and consistent blogger.
You are really good at this blog thing, so even though I didn't play the game myself, I still want to say to you, "Tag your it"! (can I still do that?)... Ok now, ready, set, GO!

pondering said...

I answered your comment on my own blog and decided you probably would never see it there. Silly me. So I pasted it here.
Therapy, that's a good word for it. I love to write and find it very therapeutic myself! LOL
I took that picture at Glen Eyrie Castle last fall (2007). It's a beautiful place, right in the middle of town here & pressed up against the mountains.
One day you really should come visit here.

Paper doll said...

Hi there!! The plaque is just adorable.

Brian said...

so which neice would that be??? It's really nice.

KRISTIN said...

B, couldn't figure that out, huh? That would be Kaiden, hence the "mariposa", I didn't really know what else to call her - my niece once removed, my niece's daughter..... so I decided she is my niece (poetic license-my blog :) ). So, don't show her Madre.....

TeresaW said...

Hello Kristin, long time no speak. I got your fantastic card by the way for the SBS23 October Card Swap (got it ages ago, but I have been a bit slack in blogging lately).

I really like your friends ideas, or did she have a little help from you?

I love your blog, keep it going (I can talk), see ya on the forum, maybe?

Hugs TeresaW