Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Blog Needs a New Name

So, you may have noticed I changed my blog name back - again. I knew this blog would be an ever-changing work in progress, but for some reason I have such a hard time settling on a name. Good thing my URL is my name! When I first started, after a short stint as "my blog needs a name", I moved on to the current name (Diapers, Dressup....) because it so aptly described my life at the moment. I wanted the site to be a place to catch up with family and friends and to share the things I was learning, reading, etc. desiring to be an encouragement to those who visited. When I began to make more time for hobbies like scrapbooking, I wanted to also incorporate more of that and am enjoying the community of new crafty friends that I have. I then changed to "Kristin's Krafty Kollection". That name is now gone - I couldn't get past the K K K alliteration. So, I am back where I was and formally asking for suggestions for my blog name. :) Got something good? Send it my way!!


TeresaW said...

Oh Kristin! this is a post under my own heart. When I started my blog, as you do, one just fills in any old stuff to the million and one questions that you get asked. I didn't know that my "Some Pursue Happiness Others Craft It." was going to be the name that everyone recognises you by. All I was interested in was filling in the thing so I could get started. I have been trying to think of something clever, crafty, and punchily short ever since. If you have any left over suggestions to your list, can I have first refusal? :0)

Zoe xx said...

Hey sweetie, i have no ideas on your name im afraid :(!! I will get my thinging cap on though :)

Can you please email me your email address or leave me a comment on my blog with it hun? Then i can add you to the yahoo group. The sisterhood is now full - yippee!! Once we are all in the group we can start to play!!!

My email addy is