Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Kylie!!

This month we celebrated Kylie's 6th birthday. It is hard to believe our first baby is six!! Lately Kylie has really wanted to spend time with me scrapbooking, so I decided one of her gifts would be her very own set of supplies. (this is where the $ spot at Target came in handy) I put an old ice cream tub to good use with a little bit of paper, ribbon, etc... (I told my husband I was sure I would need an old ice cream tub someday!) Kylie was delighted with her gift and as soon as all of our vacationing is over we will have plenty of pictures to get work on together!


Shauna! said...

I love your blog Kristin... so I've nominated you for an award! Go to my site and see what to do - drag the award to your desktop and insert it into your blog along with the award rules and your nominees! You deserve it!

orangedaisy said...

what a great gift for your little crafter, no wonder she loved it, i would too.