Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation Phase Two: Completed

Someone once said, "all good things must come to an end". I haven't found this to be true across the board, but have unfortunately found it true of our vacations. We spent the past 10 days at one our most beloved spots: Pismo Beach, CA. Our travels have changed greatly since having three children, and changed even more now that the kids are of the age that we need 5 airline tickets :). We spend a lot more time driving now!
Anyhow, we spent lazy days at the beach, hit most of the Farmers Markets, and a few beautiful vineyards along the way. I look forward to sharing some pics (once I get my laptop fixed!). I'm also battling a cold...or the flu...or something that is not fun....so I'll post between getting settled back in to our crazy life and doses of NyQuil. :)

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pondering said...

Wow, girl look you at you blog! You go!
I have been caught up with Olympic fever for a couple weeks, so I decided to check up on the blog here and what do I find? A fun, pretty, happy blog to treat me for the evening!
My blog on the other hand has not been updated in weeks. I'm planning on it soon, like this week sometime.
I love all your stories and pics!