Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sassy Signs by Andrea

This is a long overdue post and thank you to Andrea! (Yes, I did already thank her directly :)) I love getting mail ("happy mail" that is) and imagine how happy (and surprised) I was to open the mailbox and get a package! (and I hadn't even opened it yet!) Our sweet friend Andrea sent the girls adorable signs that she makes for others to enjoy (like me). She must have secretly interviewed my children the last time she was over, or just had that mommy-daughter intuition since they also have a 'princess', but it seems she knew the perfect characters to choose for each girl! This gift not only made my day - but makes me smile each time I look at them. Talk about a "random act of kindness"!

Check out Andrea's Etsy Shop because her creativity does not end with princess signs. She has variety of home signs, signs for girls and boys, all kinds of styles - and they are all handmade and personalized! My current favorite is the monogram door plaque. So, if you are planning to invite me to a baby shower or housewarming party - you can expect a Sassy Sign from me!

The pictures don't really do them justice...but aren't they cute?


cindy said...

OH I am so jealous I want one for Bella she loves the Dora one of course I will have to put in order let me know how much she charges cant do it for awhile but maybe for X-MAS so cute.....
God Bless,

Toni said...

how gorgeous! she's very talented! xx

Saved by Grace said...

Those are so adorable!! What a blessing to receive them. I will have to check out her site!!

God Bless you,

Leslie said...

ADORABLE! I love them. Might have to get one eventually.

Sue said...

How cool to have a friend like this!