Thursday, September 18, 2008

Something to Think About

I don't have a lot of time to be on my computer tonight, but I did want to share something that really spoke to me at our ladies' study this evening. I am very aware of the sovereignty of God and intellectually know that nothing that happens in our lives is a surprise to God, nothing catches Him off guard, and even if we don't "feel" it, He is intimately involved and in control of all of our circumstances. I "know" all that - but sometimes my emotions don't follow my knowledge. At times I struggle with God's will, His sovereignty, and what part I play in the process....why some things happen the way they do......why some people act the way they do....and why I am forced into directions at times when I quite frankly would prefer to go another way. In our study tonight, the speaker mentioned a quote regarding God's will that got me thinking and will give me much to ponder as I continue to mull it over in the coming week.

"God's will is what I would choose for myself if I knew what God knows."

Something to think about. Until next time!


Roxy said...

Like you, I know God has everything in control and I'm just a little piece of the puzzle. But still, there are times I wish he would clue me in on things. And everytime I think that I have to remind myself that I'm on a need to know status. If God wanted me to know right then and there, he'd tell me.

cindy said...

Hey sis wasnt study awesome I just know HE is going to do a mighty work in us all. I am excited to get into the book of RUTH it is an awesome story of love....... I love the part where she spoke of how so many feel lonely and isolated it is sad however even in the body of CHRIST I hear time and time again those very words I pray we all take something from that and we will start to hear isolated less and less and really find those intimate Godly relationships.
God Bless Sis,

Saved by Grace said...

Thanks for sharing Kristin, I totally loved the study and can not wait to see what the Lord is going to do in our lives. I can't wait to see what He will do with me.

I am looking forward to spending that special time with him. I am particularly excited to find out more about Ruth. I also loved the fact that she kept talking about how God choose people who had trials who weren't perfect and He loved them so. And it's awesome to know that we have a loving Father who loves us so, who loves unconditionally!!!

God Bless you sister!!!
In His Love,

pondering said...

I'm very glad you throw these encouraging posts in your blog.
You are so talented and creative and it's a joy to see all your creations, and I also like reading these postings of just you and your heart!

Jeanne T said...

I happened on your webiste today, and read the quote about God's sovereignty. It spoke to me where I am at today. I am glad I stopped by. :) By the way, how do you find time to scrap with your busy children?! :)
Jeanne Takenaka

KRISTIN said...

Jeanne - This is a looooongshot that you would see this post - but believe it or not, you often come to mind as I try to plan out a schedule where I CAN actually do one or two things I WANT to do! I need to track down your email address so I can elaborate :) hopefully you'll be hearing from me soon! Hope you are all well! Kristin

KRISTIN said...
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