Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Photos

We've been in California for the past week both to visit family and for my husband to take care of some business and we just got home. I'll have more to post later, but thought I would share these pictures our good friends from Washington took of us last time they were visiting so that we would have photos for our Christmas cards. Thank you David and Destiney!

Kylie Grace

Savannah Faith

Samantha Hope


joey said...

Hi Kristen, what a beautiful family you have! gorgeous pics hunny. wishing you a fabulous christmas. joey xxx

Sue said...

Kristin, your family is beatiful...I treasure all the picture Christmas cards I have gotten over the years. I started when my first child was one and sent them for over 25 years...I saved one for each baby book too! Such wonderful memories!

Saved by Grace said...

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful family!! The girls are soo cute, I love their middle names. Awesome choices.

God Bless you!

cindy said...

Awesome pictures sis you have a wonderful family may God bless your season and hope we see each other soon...................
In Him, Cindy

Roxy said...

What a beautiful family! Wonderful names you chose for your little ones.

There was this woman in the church I grew up in whose granddaughters,(all sisters), were named: Faith, Hope, Joy, Grace, Patience & Charity.

Merry Christmas!

pondering said...

Wow, you are so gorgeous! Someday tell me your secret. Oh nevermind, hee hee, no hope for me.
Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hi! It's so nice to get a visit here and there.