Sunday, December 7, 2008

These are a Few of My Favorite Things....

Julie Andrews did it best (reminiscing about her favorite things), but my kids and I began a weekly project a few months back that we call "Favorite Things Friday". Each week we think about and discuss some of our favorite things and on Friday the kids sit down, draw or paint a picture of that favorite thing and we talk about what they have chosen. It has been quite fun and prompts them to think regularly about the good things in their lives and I have found that I get to know my children better through the process. For example, my oldest (who is 6) surprises me every once in a while with a favorite thing she has never even done! Then there is my "note to self" to make sure we do it!
Although "Favorite Things Friday" is by no means an original idea (especially in "blogland"), I have decided to make it part of my weekly blogging. Thanksgiving-time got me thinking that we could all use encouragement to focus on the positives in our lives-especially in these times. One of the things I have always loved about the holiday season is that even the most cynical of people can be persuaded to take a moment to find something to be thankful for or happy about.
So, today is not Friday, but here is my first contribution to Favorite Things Friday:


I know, it is hard for me to cope with the fact that it is almost winter, especially when just less than a couple of weeks ago, we had days like this one in our neck of the woods (okay, our neck of the desert): This was 11am IN THE SHADE!

Okay, so when my friends were decorating their homes for Fall as soon as the calendar said September 22nd, I just couldn't do it, especially with the temperature hitting 90 degrees on most days. So, I waited for some 'Autumn' weather and once again found myself putting up my Fall decorations just in time to take them down for Christmas decorations! I still love it.

Although we don't get to enjoy strolls down tree-lined roads with changing leaves and crisp, cool can't beat being able to run around the yard in shorts and flip flops, squeezing in the last bit of swimming before it's too cold. I love Autumn in this town.

NOT our City.......But not far from here!

We did make it to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch just across town. Call it what you like, it was still in the middle of the desert, so I don't know what I expected!

So, that was October/November....We now have 18 days until Christmas and although I can keep the windows open during the day and the kids still eat lunch in the front yard, it has been great having chilly nights where we can sit by the fireplace and enjoy the holiday smells and sounds. This time will be short-lived as our desert winter is rapidly approaching and each year it seems to get cold and windy before I am ready, but I still love this time of year!

Happy Fall!
What is one of your "Favorite Things" this time of year?

"Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." Philippians 4:8


joey said...

Hi Kristin, lovely to see you again.What a wonderful post and what glorious weather, we have been snuggling trying to keep warm here for weeks!, Its so lovely to when time spent with the kiddies can turn into something so special!. At this time of year there are a few things I like, I love the excitement from the children, I love all the school preparations with the concerts and plays, I love it as it gets dark and all the christmas lights begin to glow, I love it that in general everybody you come into contact with seems to be in good spirits with the christmas mood why can that not last all year through!. Wishing you a great christmas time. joey xxx

pondering said...

Hello, I have not been looking at blogs of late, but I wanted to catch up tonight.
A few of my favorite things-I love your new blog template. I love snow before Christmas, but not before a nightmarish commute to a work day tomorrow. I love the new price of gas. I love friends. I love blogging. I love free time too, (can't seem to find much of the last two) I love God's Word. I love honesty. I love my children. I love so much more, I can't list it all.