Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Do you know how to do this?

So, I tried to change the picture on my blog header....isn't she cute?!?
The only reason I had kept the one pic up there so long is because I had such a hard time with it to begin with! (really, I am computer literate!)
Anyways, I am thinking that I may have to use a landscape layout photo.
Does anyone know how to use a portrait layout photo and not have it do what this one is doing?

Update: I think I fixed it - it was all off center before - but if you know an easy way to use a vertical photo for a blog header, please feel free to share!


Sue said...

Well, I like this one!

KRISTIN said...

I just played with it and I think I am fine with it...for now! It was centering the text, but putting the photo to the far left (since it was vertical rather than horizontal). I figured out how to manipulate it a little. Just figuring out all this html code stuff!

pondering said...

Kristin, I got your comment, thank you.
I love your new photo blog header and I don't think you need to change it. I do understand the frustration over the getting the font and title settings to cooperate. Here is an idea:
My friend takes the photo she wants to use on her blog header, and opens it in paint-shop-pro, or paint, or another photo edit program first. Then she inserts text using the edit program and puts the blog title text on it in whatever font she wants and where ever she wants on the picture. Once she saves the picture, she uploads the whole thing in her blog header.
The result: the font is how she wants it, where she wants it, and not limited to the few settings and font choices that blogger offers. Then she chooses the option of not showing the title, because she already put it in the photo in paint or whatever.
Using this method she was able to put her title with each word randomly scattered on her picture, also going down diagonally across her photo, and all crunched up together in one corner, etc. Whatever she feels like. She has used every kind of cool, pretty and creative font known to man using this also. While Blogger gives you a choice of only 6 or 8 I think.

KRISTIN said...

T, thanks so much! that is a GREAT idea - didn't think of that. I did adjust the photo a bit in iphoto but it didn't dawn on me to do my own title on the photo rather than using bloggers....THANKS! (weekend project :) )