Friday, January 30, 2009

Favorite Things Friday - Some Like It Hot!

Yes, I love Tabasco. You will always find this in my fridge:

And I like to cook with this:

I like to visit this site, and eventually I'll make it to Avery Island, Louisiana where the magic happens.

This is the spoon rest my husband brought me after his last trip to Louisiana:

Other than this prized possession, I am not fanatical to the point that my house or kitchen is littered with Tabasco paraphernalia. But, you will find these pictures in my own little corner of the world (the laundry room):

This gallon jug is on my wish list.....

Along with this 125th Anniversary Edition....

And last, but not least, this.....

Have a spicy day!


TeresaW said...

Hahaha, Kristin, you make me laugh!

Leslie said...

You crazy, girl! You are very spicy, in a secretive kind of way( that's good!) I'll email soon. Lots of Love.

joey said...

Hehe Kristin, this post reminds me of my sister, she loves this too! theres a little something on my blog for you, hope you are well.x

Saved by Grace said... really love Tabasco sauce. I am a chalula girl myself.

Love ya!