Friday, January 16, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

Finally figuring out a way to do something crafty without feeling like I am neglecting my children!

I have been so wanting to do something creative, but lack time, organization, patience....oh, I lack so many things!
As we creep into late January, I am fast running out of time to send those thank you cards from Christmas that I so often procrastinate and then run out of time to send and then kick myself later....
So, today, I got out the stuff, told the kids it was arts & crafts time and we got to work. After a huge mess, a lot of fun and a little fighting and complaining.........I got ONE card done.
Maybe everyone will settle for a thank you email?


cindy said...

wow that card is awesome sis I love it good job. I pray you and family our all doing well and are able to now get back to some sort of routine. God Bless sis it will be good to get to see you.
God Bless

cindy said...

mispelled our should have been are ha ha and I homeschool lol Pray j/k

Saved by Grace said...

Wow, that is a beautiful card!!!

KRISTIN said...

Cindy, you are so funny - don't worry, I wasn't editing your comment! I hope you are doing well too - Going to visit you now on your blog so I can be sure you get my message! K

mel4christ said...

You are so funny. Love your card and I think that everyone in your life would totally understand and welcome your thank you email. I have not been blogging much but with the long weekend I wanted to say hello to everyone. I read that you were sick, how are you feeling now? I was just curious as to how your homeschooling was going? I do remember to lift up the homeschooling group often in my prayers as I know how difficult it can be, but what an absolute blessing it is as well. Just remember, in the end all that we do for the Lord will all be worth it. I pray the Lord will give you strength, peace, direction, organization and great love for where He has you right now. God bless and by the way the next crop is Feb 27-28 and I am looking forward to it!!!!


Leslie said...

Pretty card, Kristin! I just read Melanie's comment (very sweet). I see that you have a crop coming up. I wish soooooo badly I could go to it with you! Hope all is well and you guys are having a great weekend. Love you all.

Anne-Marie said...

I love the thank you cards. I know exactly what you mean about good intentions and procrastinating, I have been meaning to get my children to do their christmas thank you cards, ready your blog tonight has given me the motivation to get going, we have a long weekend here in new zealand so guess what we will be doing.

Anne-Marie SBS 23

joey said...

I love this Kristin, so pretty and such striking blue, I too have a few still to send out not sure if they will get