Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

One small part of why I began this blog was to join a community of people so that I would have additional motivation and inspiration for my scrapbooking and stamping. Through my SBS group (#23) I have met many new friends that I have grown to treasure - through them I have found much motivation, inspiration and fabulous ideas (check out their VERY creative blogs on my sidebar)…..
Now I just need to join a group that will show me how to add more hours to my day so that I can once again do something with all of the motivation, inspiration and ideas! With that said, here is this week’s episode of “Not Me! Monday”….This weekend, I did not for the umpteenth time say I was going to clean out my scrap room (that my husband so lovingly made for me where at the moment it is impossible to even walk through all the clutter) but didn’t because I wouldn’t try to put off my sanity-savers hobbies until my other “duties” are caught up. (at this rate, I will complete my kids’ baby books while I am sitting in a nursing home at a ripe old age)

I did not already break one of my top New Year’s Resolutions: No More Laundry Couch. I did not on the early date of January 10th use the couch as a long-term laundry holding area. I especially would not do this when I have a perfectly good laundry room intended for folding, sorting and holding of clothes until they are lovingly put away.

I do not find myself using the laundry holding area couch because my laundry room counter more often than not looks like this:

I do not have to go and clear off the couch and organize the laundry room as soon as I'm done with this because if I have time to blog about the mess, I have time to clean up the mess.

I did not against my better judgment get out of bed at 2am and take Nyquil because I knew my cough was keeping my husband awake. I did not regret that decision with all that was in me when our kids woke up at the crack of dawn.

I was not still in my pajamas and robe when my husband stopped by the house at 10am this morning to pick something up. (in my own defense, I had already done a load of laundry-see above-feed the kids breakfast and put dinner in the crockpot – all in my pajamas, but hey)

And finally, when making my to do list for the week, I would never write down all the things I did the day before just so I could cross them off my list and feel more productive. I wouldn’t do that because that would be just plain silly.

Hop on over to MckMama’s blog for more “Not Me!” madness…..

Have a wonderful week!


Leslie said...

I love your confessions! I, too, commit all those sins and more! You are so productive, you are just so highly motivated that you always want to do more. You are a model of motherhood, wifehood, sisterhood, and Christian womanhood. I am proud of you Kristin, you inspire me! Love you.

Sue said...

Hey I stayed in my jammies till 3pm yesterday and only got dressed because I was going to the movies at that's good motivation don't ya think? Too funny!

TeresaW said...

Kristin, such a lot you didn't do a on Monday. I can't wait to see what you didn't do next Monday either. Though, I just love the last paragraph, right up my street of what I wouldn't do either.

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Ha Ha. We have a laundry couch, too. And a laundry dining room table, for that matter!
Found you through MckMama...

pam said...

I am always in my jammies at 10am. I didn't realize people got showered and dressed before this time.

Great Not Me Monday.
Thanks for the visit.

Becca said...

You crack me up girlfriend!!! I never new how much we really have in common! My scraproom (that my loving honey put together for me) and my laundry room look exactly like yours (probably worse)! Well I guess I know who I need to hold me accountable in the "I just don't have the time right now to clean it like I want it" area of my life. God bless! Becca