Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hotel for Dogs!

Tonight we had the opportunity to take the kids to the screening of "Hotel for Dogs". It was great! Totally the kind of movie I would have loved as a kid. Our girls are little (3, 4 and 6) and they LOVED it - I think they would have liked it even more if they were a little older.

I didn't see or hear any questionable content. Oh, wait, I did hear the "i" word (idiot) lol! But don't take my word for it.....check out the review on Plugged In to make sure it is appropriate for your little ones (I think they will have the review for this movie on there tomorrow night, 1/15).

I give this family movie a 'thumbs up'!

I know, they looked THRILLED...I should have taken the picture before the movie - by the time we were out it was 9pm (2 hours past bedtime) - noted for next time!

Here's the trailer.....

(Be sure the volume is up and to pause the music player on the right)


TeresaW said...

That is just so cool! I miss going to the films, I have to wait until everything comes on sky.

Saved by Grace said...

Hey we've been wanting to see that. So it was good? I have a bulldog, and when I saw the trailor for it I so wanted to go and see it. Thanks for sharing!!
Are you feeling better? I will keep you lifted up in prayer!!

Hope to see you soon!
In His Love,